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Cloth automotive wire harness tape

Cloth automotive wire harness tape is using cloth as backing material and coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. Used for wrapping automotive wire harness with high temperature resistance, position of need to reduce noise and wear resistance of auto. For instance, motors, doors, roofs, tailgates, seats, air conditioners, generators, bumpers and front ends are all equipped with our wire harness.

Backing material: Acetate fiber/ fleece/ polyester

Adhesive type: hot melt adhesive/ solvent acrylic adhesive

Standard size: 19mmx25m or customerized

Acetate fiber cloth tape is divided into two types. For the easy to tear one, its glossy side is 80gsm and the thickness is 0.17±0.03mm;  For the tearable one, its glossy side 130gsm and the thickness is 0.25±0.03mm.

Fleece tape is tearable and has the flame retardant grade. The flame retardant grade B is often recommended and has been the pretty good flame retardant grade in the market. The normal thickness is 0.3+0.05mm, and the normal thickness of the loop velvet tape is 0.5mm,0.75mm,0.8mm, etc.

Polyester tape is not easy to tear with good wear resistance. The thickness is 0.25±0.03mm. Customized easy to tear tape is also available with a gap on the tape or equipped with a ring knife.

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