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How to Choose PVC tapes? We have some tips for you:

The first is to smell. Of course, the smell of the tape, because the quality of the warning tape and the taste are very obvious. For example, if the taste of the tape is very strong and there is a smell of acid, it means that the retention of the tape is very unsatisfactory. Especially for low-temperature environment, it will crack as long as it sticks to the carton, and the thicker the taste, although the sticky feeling is ok at first, the rubber surface will soon dry out, and on the surface of the tape after losing the glue, there will be cracks.
The second is to look at it, to see the color of the tape and the brightness of the film. Generally, the whiter the color of the transparent tape looks, the less impurities there are, so that the adhesiveness is guaranteed. If the tape itself is yellow, the surface has irregular white spots, and if it is not wiped off by hand, it means that it is an imprint of impurities or glue. The smell of this product is not good. If the tape shows a darker color, it means that the selected tape is very easy to break and should be carefully selected.
 The last touch is to touch the thickness of the tape. Experience tells us that the hardness of the hard tape is generally lacking, but the thicker tape will decrease in the actual number of meters. So we’d better choose a thin, soft tape so that it stretches better.
PVC tape features: use PVC film as base material, flash or matt surface, soft, elastic, high strength, good insulation performance, good transparency, good adhesion, excellent electrical insulation and sealing, in humid environment or in the water, the electrical insulation performance is stable.

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